Hardware: Rivals Gains New Free Map And Capture The Flag Mode

There’s quite a bit of people out there asking if anyone still plays Hardware: Rivals. Well, yes, they do. For those that find catharsis in Sony and Connected Content Group’s work, they will be treated to a free map and a new capture the flag mode. As of now, the vehicular combat game is out at this very moment for PS4.

If you enjoy playing the hardcore combat game with heavily equipped weapons readied to blast down anything that crosses your path, you will find some new things to discover, as well as to do. According to a new blog post that Sony Europe updated on the PlayStation.blog, Hardware fans can, once again, rejoice in another nice free update.

This includes the new free stageĀ  Bushpig Plateau, and joins the other competitive multiplayer maps. This location will have raging vehicles battling on a hollow mountain, while wrecking the usual havoc, as noted below.

In a land that time forgot, atop a hollow mountain where nature is king and mankind fears to tread, the silence of centuries will be shattered by the screech of metal-on-metal as tanks and F.A.V.s go head to head in another round of all-out vehicular combat.

In addition, the open map also includes rocks and trees with a network of caves and a large waterfall stationed across the field. The map also holds pits that can send one straight to their death, which the dangerous rapids are said to lead to instant death too.

Looking over to the new capture the flag mode, two teams will have to play out the typical rules of reaching the opponent’s flag and bringing it back to base to score. However, the player with the flag will be slowed down, and others will find that there is no limit to killing each other until the flag score limit is reached.

Aside from that, we are treated to some add-ons that can be purchased with Salvage Points. As seen below in the screenshots that are posted on the blog update, we get to see some of the new add-ons and the new stage.

Hardware: Rivals

For those that want the full rundown on the update, you can visit the PlayStation.blog. If you want to join in on the mayhem and destroy other vehicles for top domination, Hardware: Rivals is out now for PS4.


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