Hitman Episode 2 Sapienza Full Walkthrough

IO Interactive and Square Enix released the second episode for Hitman for home consoles and PC, following closely behind the release of the Paris Showstopper episode. Gamers on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC are now able to dive into the fictional Italian town of Sapienza as they attempt to take out a bio-terrorist by the name of Silvio Caruso. A gameplay walkthrough guide is available to cover the episode from start to finish, showcasing how you’re able to get through the guards and take out the chemist and destroy the biochemical prototype.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames does a two video playthrough of the Sapienza episode. You can check it out below.

In this particular walkthrough, Agent 47 decides to use a cook’s disguise to meet up with the chef at the mansion. As a cook, you can prepare Caruso’ spaghetti and apply poison to the spaghetti. Proceed to ring the bell once you finish preparing the meal. When Caruso goes to eat the meal, he will be poisoned.

The second target is Francesca De Santis. You can meet her by taking on the role of a detective meeting with De Santis. You can find out about the detective by going into the hair dresser’s shop and overhearing a conversation about the detective sleep on the bench. Turn on the radio around the corner to wake him up.

You can subdue him and take his clothes to meet with Francesca or your can simply follow him to the meeting to overhear the conversation. The best place to subdue the detective – if you decide to go that route – is to take him down in the small tunnel leading through the side streets of Sapienza. There’s a convenient trash can nearby that you can use to dump the body.

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Head to the pier for the meeting place and sit on the bench to “blend in”. Francesca De Santis will then appear with her entourage. You can either continue talking with her or subdue her once she gets into the tunnel.

Getting back to Caruso… head to a bakery and go into the basement to turn the water on and cause it to flood. A waiter will come down to turn the water off. Kill the waiter and take his clothes so you can poison Dr. Lafayette’s cofee and take over his disguise to get close to Caruso. The Doc will head to a lavatory; follow the Doc into the bathroom to take his disguise.

If you plan on getting into the mansion be sure to drop all your guns in the bathroom before you go into the mansion.

Once inside, the butler will take you up to Caruso’s bedroom. You can sit down in a chair to wait for him to arrive (assuming the poisoned food didn’t work or you didn’t follow through).

You can then smother Caruso while he’s laying on the couch to kill him.

Your last objective is to destroy the virus.

In order to get into the lab you will need a keycard and a uniform. If you head into the garage downstairs in the mansion you’ll find a lone scientist in the garage; subdue the scientist, take his clothes and his keycard. You’ll be able to proceed into the secret lab, which looks like a villainous base from a 007 James Bond flick. You’ll need to head into the sealed lab and take a biohazard suit.

Proceed into the hidden lab and mess around with the robotic arm, the the computers and the other devices within the lab to to distract the other scientists inside and get them to step away from the virus, which is located in the center of the quarantine area. Activate the control panel on the containment unit with the virus inside and proceed to leave the area. After a few minutes the virus will get destroyed.

Just outside the containment unit is a biplane by the docks waiting in the water; calmly walk to the plane to make your escape.

Suit Only Walkthrough

If you want to do the Suit Only mode for the Sapienza episode, it’s possible to get the keycard from one of the scientist by going to the church and overhearing a confession from one of the other scientists who plans on visiting her dead colleague at the morgue. If you need a lockpick to get into the morgue you can get one from over in the other room. You can see what you need to do following Centerstrain01’s video walkthrough guide below.

Head to the morgue and wait for her to arrive. When she’s visiting her friend in the morgue subdue her and take her keycard.

In Suit Only mode you can’t use a disguise so you’ll have to get into the lab using a very different route. Use the safe room key to go through the room and head out onto the roof and sneak into the kitchen and climb out the window. Head along the walls and sneak through the windows to get into the mansion. Head along the upper floors of the mansion into the lighthouse and grab the VHS tape. Head back down into the security control room and play the VHS tape.

Caruso will later enter into the security room where you can kill him while he watches the video on the projector.

Leave the mansion and head onto the roof through the window and head to the office of Francesa De Santis. Her office will have a green lamp on the desk, a few stacks of books and a board with notes on it. She always has guards with her so you will have to work stealthily and quickly. Take her out precisely when the guard walks over to the other side of the room. You can hide the body and make a quick escape through the door and out the window.

Proceed back into the main mansion and head downstairs into the lab. Centerstrain01 opts to erase the cameras as a safety precaution to remove any recordings of Agent 47. Head up on top of the containment lab and there’s a computer there next to a scientist that allows you to destroy the virus without entering into the lab. You won’t need to subdue him to destroy the virus. Hide and wait for the guards to pass you before you head to the plane to make your getaway.

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