Hitman Episode 3 Launches May 31st

IO Interactive finally broke their silence on when gamers can expect the third episode of Hitman to go live for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. They announced that it will be made available as a standalone episode and as part of the package for those who bought all the episodes in advance, starting May 31st.

Blues picked up the news from over on the official Hitman website where they announced that starting at the end of the month the third episode for the Hitman reboot will go live. It sets players in the bustling city of Marrakesh within Morocco, where they will contend with scorching heat and two heavily guarded targets.

The first target will be the private banker, Claus Strandberg, who will be holed up in the culturally distinctive Swedish consulate. He will be heavily guarded and will require some real skills to take him out without being noticed.

The second target is General Reza Zaydan. Unlike Strandberg, the General will be holed up in his own little bunker, heavily secured by army forces.

Hitman - Marrakesh

It will be up to players to use the streets and rooftops alike to guide Agent 47 through the sweltering atmosphere of Marrakesh to take out both Strandberg and Zaydan.

The map will play host to additional contracts via the Contracts mode, along with Elusive Targets (who have yet to be named) and Escalation Contracts.

The richly distinctive atmosphere of Marrakesh should give gamers something very different from what they experienced with Sapienza and the Parisian mansion.

The episodic approach to the release of new levels for Hitman isn’t the most well-received thing amongst gamers – many of whom would prefer to receive all of the game’s levels in one fell swoop – but IO Interactive is already halfway through the episodes at this point, so they may as well go ahead and complete what they started.

If you’re not keen on playing through each episode in a disjointed way on a month-to-month release schedule, you can wait and pick up all of the episodes together in a single bundle pack for $60. For more info on the third episode of Hitman, feel free to visit the official website.


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