Homefront: The Revolution Is Now Available

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver’s take on Kaos Studios and THQ’s Homefront IP is currently available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Homefront: The Revolution launched today as a brand new re-imagining of an occupied U.S., of A.

Sites like Major Nelson made it known that the game was out and about for home consoles, while Steam has the game plastered up across the client service to remind gamers that the first-person shooter is now available.

The game is an open-world first-person shooter where players will start in a single district within an occupied Philadelphia, attempting to scrounge up supplies and take on the North Koreans in a fight that will involve wits, tactics and the pure skill of utilizing iron-sight headshots.

You can check out the game’s official launch trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay and story is like.

Running on the Cryengine and featuring physically based rendering, dynamic light emissions, day and night cycles and high-quality particle and explosion effects , the game sees players utilizing vehicles to get around environments quickly, makeshift weapons to take down the North Korean occupiers, and ambush attacks to destroy convoys and patrols.

The objective of the game is to move through each of the various occupied zones where security and difficulty increases as you get to the heart of the North Korean invaders’ control center within Philadelphia.

Based on what they’ve revealed and showcased the game looks a lot more intuitive and player-driven than the first game, which was almost practically and on-rails shooter given how linear it was. It was basically Call of Duty without the impressive set pieces.

The Metacritic score for the game isn’t very kind at the moment, but I don’t put any faith or trust in any of the professional review scores, so if you’re more-so keen on waiting to get the game after hearing more trustworthy reviews from actual gamers and customers, it’s probably best to wait for more Amazon and Steam user reviews to surface before making a purchasing decision.

The game does support cooperative play but they nixed the competitive play from the first game. I’m not too torn up about the multiplayer deathmatch given that we have a dozen and one shooters out there at the moment with copycat multiplayer, so if Dambuster managed to make a solid first-person campaign shooter, I think some gamers out there will be satisfied.

You can pick up a digital copy or a physical copy of Homefront: The Revolution for $59.99 on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC. For further information on the game feel free to visit the official website.