Concrete And Steel, House-Building Simulator Slated For Early Access On May 27th
(Last Updated On: May 22, 2016)

If you’re looking to release some steam and build the house or large-scale skyscraper you want without having to defend it against zombies or raiders, you might want to considering taking a look at Matterhorn Software’s latest structure building simulator — Concrete And Steel. As of now, the game is currently slated to hit PC via Steam Early Access on May 27th.

Once done with work or school, and you feel like taking to the virtual world to get back to doing more work, you can do just that in Concrete And Steel. Whatever comes to mind, you can pretty much build it. This ranges from typical houses to crazy designs that can either pose as a building or industrial skyscraper. Matterhorn sums this up in the sandbox’s description below.

“Concrete And Steel is a creative sandbox environment where you can create structures using a huge range of prefabricated objects and materials. Using walls, beams and pillars it’s possible to construct everything from ancient castles to modern skyscrapers.”

Building things one step at a time from scratch, I’d image that this game could get boring quite fast, but I guess manually putting support beams, pillars and walls into place may hold its merits where some may not see it. In an attempt to spice things up, the devs note that you can build ancient castles with elaborate decorations to other ancient structures.

Like The Sims or Garry’s Mod, players can change-up anything to their liking, except you can do it with another friend. Yup, if building gets boring by yourself, you can share the fun of making whatever monument that’s on your mind with a buddy.

To get a nice look at the project in the making for making projects, you can watch the video trailer showing the minute long simulator building houses, or a gameplay video by Downtime Distractions showing how to interact with stuff.

Noted to have a price tag of £9.99, which roughly equals out to be around $14.99, the sim builder will also feature free updates and add-ons in the future.

If you feel like pulling the wrench out and wanting to get down and dirty, Concrete and Steel will be available on Steam Early Access on May 27th. To learn more you can hit up Concrete and Steel‘s main site.

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  • Cats736

    I want to see an extremely detailed construction or mechanic type game for VR. Leaning how to fix/build/operate vehicle, buildings, and other things by doing them in a game sounds fun and would probably be great for learning.

    • Believe it or not, some utility companies are already doing this. It’s extremely expensive as a training tool but some of them are citing that it’s safer to train employees using realistic simulators as opposed to training them on the field and risking injury. Some companies are expected to roll out these training sims by the end of the year.

      Given that there’s usually overlap between productivity software and consumer entertainment software, I wouldn’t be surprised if by early 2017 we see those same tech training tools appearing on Steam as actual games.

      • Cats736

        That’s great to hear, I will be impatiently waiting for one to come out.