Indie Platform Game Take Thy Throne Enters Steam Greenlight

Those looking for an adventure set in the very familiar world of pixels might enjoy Charyb Games’ 2D side-scrolling RPG, Take Thy Throne. Currently seeking votes on Greenlight, the tower defense game takes cues from other side-scrollers like Terraria, with co-op and multiplayer support.

I do have to admit that pixel games still hold a special place in my heart after all of these years they’ve been out and after all these indie titles using pixel sprites as their art-style have flooded the market. And with that said, a new 2D side-scrolling game hits the Greenlight scene with an adventure RPG concept that offers four classes and dragon-riding fun.

As noted by the devs, the main game mode will consist of taking down different towers and barricades to make your way towards the big, bad king. In addition, you can use a variety of strategies to make your way to the enemy’s castle by using alternate routes.

Players can also buy and purchase different items and search for collectibles to help better their character class and to repel enemies. Speaking of repelling foes, building forts and maintaining strongholds will add another aspect that re-enforces the game’s concept of keeping the king alive.

If the king dies or is slain, the game is over. If you want to get a taste of what Take Thy Throne has to offer, you can watch the official Greenlight trailer below.

As of now, the devs plan to add more than three game modes, which consist of Capture the Flag, Dragon Slayer and Take Thy Throne. Other modes noted to arrive in the future include Deathmatch, and a Village mode.

The tower defense/offense game also features the typical crafting system, along with building objects by chopping down trees to build forts and so on. I’m sure the mechanics will play out like other 2D world building games, except with a king defending twist.

If this indie project seems interesting to you, more information about Charyb Games’ Take Thy Throne can be found over on, or you can vote for it on Greenlight.


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