Infinium Strike Confirmed For PS4 In Q3 2016

A new story trailer was released for the crowd-funded space strategy game, Infinium Strike. The trailer accompanies news that developer Codex Worlds will release the game on the PS4 and Xbox One later this year, following the July 14th release of the game on PC.

Codex announced that Infinium Strike has already been confirmed for release on the Xbox One, and they’re now adding the PS4 to their platform slate for a third quarter, 2016 release. Dexter Chow, CEO of Codex Worlds, commented about the upcoming sci-fi strategy title and its leap to home consoles, stating in the press release…

“After announcing Infinium Strike would be coming to Xbox One and showing the game at PAX and GDC, PlayStation owners demanded Infinium Strike,” “We are thrilled to have such a passionate fan base and will continue diligently working to deliver the experience they expect.”

The news about a console release on PS4 in addition to PC and Xbox One wasn’t the only news released for the game. The story trailer helps pave the way for giving gamers a primer on what the story is, how the Freedom Strike battlecarrier works and how players will have to strategically face off against the Wrog using the advanced Infinium tech.

The Freedom Strike is basically like a beefed up version of the Battlestar Galactica on steroids. Players can manufacturer a fleet within the ship, use the Infinium to actively repair the ship, and improve the weapon and combat systems to fend off the Wrog forces.

One of the things that’s pretty impressive is that the Freedom Strike is so large that can manufacture its own battleships.

The game sounds like it could be what RTS fans have been looking for when it comes to a challenging sci-fi strategy adventure. There will be two modes, the 10-mission story mode and an endless arcade style mode.

You can learn more about Infinium Strike by hitting up the game’s official website, or you can play-test it yourself if you have a capable enough PC by downloading the free demo that’s currently available over on the official Steam store page.


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