Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royal Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Yet again, it seems as if another decent and well crafted game has hit Steam Greenlight. One could say that Miami-based devs Define Human Studios game is similar to The Culling or The Hunger Games, but it seems that they are striving for a realm like Crysis meets Battle Royal. Currently seeking votes on Greenlight, Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royal is also on Kickstarter and will be running on the Unreal Engine 4 for PC.

No stolen assets, no Microsoft Paint graphics, and no strange MLG theme. It seems as if recently some pretty decent games have been landing on Steam Greenlight and are taking themselves quite serious. Located in Miami, Florida, developer Define Human Studios seeks to bring a game that takes on the concept of Battle Royal, except with a futuristic twist to it.

One of the most impressive things about the game is that it’s made by an indie group that managed to get working vehicles into the game that you can actually drive; and they have some pretty decent gun and weapon mechanics. In addition, the graphics don’t look that bad either for it to be a Greenlight-based game.

Folks will find that they will be able to battle against 100 other players in a dome arena like in Battle Royal, along with random rules that will plague each player. I’m just trying to imagine a huge battlefield with 100 players using vehicles, guns, and trying to find their teammates, while trying to be the last man standing… seems very crazy and interesting.

Moreover, trying to explain it all seems like it would be very underwhelming given the fact that this is a very well made concept for steam Greenlight. You can watch the official trailer below to get a better scope.

To be honest, I’m still in shock that an indie group made such a game, but I’m not the only one though. The comments in both Kickstarter and Greenlight seem to be blown away too. With that said, for a better understanding on the devs and the game that they want to make, you can check out their newly made Kickstarter trailer below.

In my opinion, this is what Greenlight is for. Games that are made to provide fun and not a waste of space. Hopefully, the devs won’t pull a scam on Kickstarter run, but from the looks of it they seem pretty legit, especially with their given work in the videos above.

Furthermore, there are said to be three large-scale arenas that will provide different themes from one another. These locations will be riddled with obstacle courses, familiar human structures, and other types of brushes to keep the large space filled. Throughout all of this, there will be weapons, armor, rare equipment, skins and other goods like credits that one can earn depending on a player’s ranking and positioning on the chart of 100 contenders.

Lastly, there will be no microtransaction, pay to win or any other monetary way to get ahead. You will be able to bet in-game money and become a professional better, but aside from that the free to play game will rely on skill and tactics…according to the devs.

If you want to help the game on Kickstarter which currently has 334 backers and is at $26,465 out of $40,000, or vote for it on  Greenlight you can do so by visiting either or. For more information on the devs and their game Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royal, you can hit up

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