Koei Tecmo Releases Second Toukiden 2 Trailer And PS Vita Demo
(Last Updated On: May 24, 2016)

Those who are excited to play Toukiden 2 over in Japan will be able to try the demo out right now for PS Vita and PS4, which also supports cross-play between the two. In addition to this, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force also released a new trailer showing more in-game action and cut-scenes. Toukiden 2 will be available over in Japan on July 28th for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

The demo for the second edition of Toukiden is now available for download over in Japan for PS Vita owners, which also features online multiplayer and cross-play support with PS4 players. For those that don’t know, the PS4 version of the demo has been out since April 11th, and is now joined by the PS Vita’s 1.6GB demo that can be obtained by hitting up the Japanese PS Store.

Looking back over to the PS4 version, although it’s been out for a month, it received a nice little update. This addresses many problems and patches a list of things that needed some fixing, which brings us to it stabilizing the cross-play between the PS4 and PS Vita versions.

This new piece of information arrives a week after the official release of the game’s story, which was detailed by Koei Tecmo updating the game’s main website. This now brings us to the last piece that the devs sent out which is the second trailer for Toukiden 2. Although it’s not in English, eager fans can feast their eyes on the new trailer that runs for three minutes. I’m sure an English trailer isn’t too far behind, but you can check it out as seen below.

Those looking forward to the hack and slash game, it will be available for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita over in Japan on July 28th. As of now, there’s no word on an official western release, which I’m sure one will arrive sometime in the near future.

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  • C G Saturation

    I tried the PS4 demo yesterday. It crashed when I tried to select one of the weapons on the right side in character creation. Not a good sign.

    Character creation is archaic. You can barely adjust the camera to see the changes, and you have to cycle through numbers to see each option, only it takes 3 seconds to load and refresh the model. Unacceptable for a PS4 game. Sliders felt kinda limited. Didn’t seem like it was possible to make dark skinned characters. Proportion options are terrible. Height (barely changes), hip height (for long legs), fatness (barely noticeable) and ridiculous-looking chest options.

    Got into the game. Visual quality looked like an in-between of PS2 and PS3. Didn’t even run at 60fps. The most frustrating thing was seeing all the awesome NPCs with great faces, hair, equipment, etc… and my character looking like generic rubbish in comparison.

    Skipped through the tutorials, ran out into the field. Surprised by lack of jump. Tried swinging at enemies a few times, really didn’t like the feel. Especially coming from Bloodborne/Dark Souls where everything is weighty and super satisfying. Uninstalled.

    I also tried the demo of God Eater 2. I don’t think it ran at 60fps either. In the intro, some beastly enemies are seen walking into the distance, but the animation didn’t match their movement speed and they were sliding along the ground. In-game character animation was basically the same thing.

    Character models looked kinda nice (looked just like GUST’s usual stuff) but the environments were completely devoid of shadows (just like GUST’s usual stuff). I got up to the second tutorial mission and uninstalled it.

    I don’t understand why JP developers don’t seem to be good at making 3d visuals. Seeing these games got me thinking that if I threw together a game with half-assed animation, I’d still be able to sell it at full price. That’d probably go against every fiber of my being, though.