Kung-Fu For Kinect Has Gone Gold For Xbox One

You probably forgot all about Virtual Air Guitar Company’s Kung-Fu For Kinect for the Xbox One. Well, they’re back to remind you that the game is still coming and that it’s releasing soon for Microsoft’s big black box for $19.99 now that it’s gone gold and development is complete.

An exact release date hasn’t been set yet but the game will launch sometime during the busy month of June when E3 will be in full swing.

The game features 22 different levels for players to complete, along with ragdoll physics to contend with thanks to the newest iteration of Unity’s physics engine, along with eight additional challenges and the option to star in a custom comic. You can check out the YouTube trailer below to get an idea of what Kung-Fu For Kinect is all about.

That’s one ridiculous trailer.

A lot of people on the comment thread are trying to figure out the conundrum of having already played the game and yet somehow it’s just coming out for the Xbox One.

Well, Virtual Air Guitar explained that the original Kung-Fu For Kinect came out for the Xbox 360, but Kinect games aren’t backwards compatible, so they had to remake the game from the ground up for the Xbox One.

So there… that explains why Kung-Fu For Kinect was already released but is now being re-released for the Xbox One.

The Kinect 2.0 just hasn’t been a very worthwhile venture for Microsoft thing gen due to shoddy movement recognition and piss poor software support. For the few people who still have their Kinect 2.0 devices, you can look to wipe off the dust and give it a go when Kung-Fu For Kinect goes live at some point in June.

I have no idea why anyone would want to put themselves through the kind of calibration torture that Kinect will put them through just to play the game in a half-decent way, but if you have a bit of a masochistic streak running through your veins, feel free to check out the Kinect exclusive this summer.


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