Lifeless, Action-Survival Zombie Game Set To Arrive On PC This June

Publisher Green Man Loaded and developer Rigid-Soft recently showcased a new trailer for their action survival game — Lifeless. In addition to this, the devs also plan on releasing the survival game sometime soon both on Steam Early Access and Green Man Gaming.

It’s safe to say that this is, well… the poor man’s version of Techland’s Dying Light. Better put, the indie version of Dying Light.

After experiencing a tragic event, players will take control of a survivor in Maine, scavenging the fictional location of Still Water Bay. This is further explained in the description below.

“May 2021. Ten years have passed since patient zero. Ten years since the world turned into an infected wasteland… Two factions fight over resources, whilst battling an ever growing menace of infected humans. How will you choose to survive?”

I don’t think that there will be any parkour in this game or athletic feats like in Dying Light, but it does hold a lot of functions like the action survival. For starters, we get first-person melee combat that allow the wielder to block, while at the same time scavenging for stuff to survive the day and night against zombies.

Players will have to search through different buildings to find the basics, and I’m sure weapon shops will hold things like shotguns and carbine rifles. The trailer below by Green Man Loaded is somewhat old, but will offer a clear understanding on what the game is about for those who haven’t seen it.

The next trailer is pretty new and goes over the loot system, and shows the environment of the fictional location in Maine. The video runs for two minutes, and shows some similarities to Minecraft’s menu at the bottom center of the screen, which holds your supplies.

I know that this game adds to the stock-pile of zombie survival games, and does need some polishing when it comes to the graphics in my opinion, but all in all, the game looks to function somewhat decently. If Lifeless seems interesting, it will be available this year in June. You can learn more by visiting Green Man Gaming, or Steam Early Access.


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