Meridian: Squad 22, RTS Game Set To Hit Steam On May 30th

Publishers Merge Games and Headup Games, and developer Elder Games, are bringing a real-time strategy game to the market that has players fighting on the planet of Meridian. The PC game will hit Steam on May 30th.

Meridian: Squad 22 is a single-player Sci-Fi RTS that focuses on base building and “advanced tactics.” Yup, so if you don’t have advanced tactics, I guess you will have a hard time enjoying such. But anyways, the game also features a system that any tactical decision a player makes will shape the outcome of their story.

The idea or basic premise of the game’s story follows the trails of humanity falling in peril and a squad attempting to find a missing colonist crew. This is followed by the leader of the United Earth sending a specially trained squad to go to the planet Meridian to find the crew and bring them back.

In addition, having to be fast and merciless, the game looks to play out like any other RTS except in the universe of Meridian. Of course, if you like RTS games this will be something that I bet many will enjoy, given the fact that the video provides the core essentials that make up a well made (I wouldn’t say perfect) strategy game.

If you need a nice peek at Meridian: Squad 22, a minute long video provides in-game battles and cinematic scenes, courtesy of Headup Games‘ YouTube channel.

In total, folks will be treated to a story campaign mode that’s said to last up to 10 plus hours, and there’s also 100 procedurally generated missions in a mode called Planetary Conquest. With that said, Elder Games’ RTS, Meridian: Squad 22, will be available for PC on May 30th, via Steam. To learn more about this game you can hit up the game’s Facebook page, until the devs get the main site up.

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