Microsoft Forcing Windows 10 Auto-Updates Onto Win 7, Win 8 Computers
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2016)

Microsoft is raping Windows 7 and Windows 8 user machines with forced auto-installs of Windows 10. That’s according to various reports surfacing, indicating that Microsoft is penetrating the safe space of your OS without your intentional consent.

According to a report from CNET, you may end up allowing Microsoft to have the keys to the bedroom of your operating system whenever they show pop-ups trying to force you to upgrade to Windows 10. The article states…

“Instead of simply giving you the option to install its latest operating system (or not), Microsoft now automatically schedules a date and time to update your PC to Windows 10. If you don’t want the software update or if you want to change the installation date, you have to take deliberate action: manually click a link in the message, then choose to reschedule it or cancel it altogether.”

This is some next-level privacy intrusion; literally taking the agency out of the hands of users in order to force them to climb up the software enterprise ladder, whether users want to or not.

According to a spokesperson from Microsoft, they told CNET…

“We updated Windows 10 to a ‘Recommended’ update for Windows 7 & 8.1 customers whose Windows settings are configured to accept ‘Recommended’ updates on Thursday, May 12, 2016,”[…] “We added the additional notification based on user feedback and to ensure customers had an opportunity to change or cancel the schedule for the upgrade to Windows 10.”


It’s a good thing I never turn on recommended updates.

But what about anyone unfortunate enough to have left the setting alone so that their OS has the most up-to-date features and security settings? Well, you might have left your computer as Windows 7 only to find that Microsoft will have climbed through the digital window and forcibly taken your OS through upgrade puberty, so when you return you’ll have a fully matured Windows 10 machine.

Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 onto systems through the “Recommended” upgrade feature as a way to help push toward their goal of getting a billion registered Windows 10 systems (including smart phones, tablets and the Xbox One) within the span of three years since its debut. So by 2018 they’ll need to gain 700 million more registered units, considering that they’ve only managed 300 million so far.

According to BetaNews, Windows 10 only makes up for 14.35% of OS market share, with Windows 7 making up for 48% of the pie, and Apple’s OS X makes up for 9.19%. As the numbers show, Windows 10 is not quite as ubiquitous as Microsoft wants, so they’re going to try to take the market share as they see fit, whether users consent or not.

What’s more is that Tom’s Hardware is reporting that if you keep trying to opt out of the upgrade you’ll receive the notices every couple of hours until you take steps to either cancel the upgrade or find out that the upgrade has already commenced before you’ve had time to catch Microsoft from taking your computer’s Windows 10 virginity.

As pictured in the image above, if you get the pop-up notice and you don’t want your computer to go through any unnecessary changes, just click on the “Click here” link within the pop to reschedule or cancel the scheduled auto-update for Windows 10.

Now there is an upside to all of these back-alley, OS ravaging at the hands of Microsoft: they only have until July 29th, 2016 to rape your current OS and replace it with Windows 10. After July 29th the free upgrade period ends and you’ll have to pay to make the switch.

This means that if you can navigate through the pop-ups, keep Microsoft from climbing through your window during the day and popping the cherry of your Windows 7 or Windows 8 system, and you can manage to avoid the auto-scheduler from luring your OS around the corner into the unmarked van with the words “Free Upgrade” scribbled across the side, all the way through July 29th, you’ll be home free. You and your computer can then enjoy a life free from the meddling, groping digital hands of Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade.

If you don’t mind losing access to some software that’s incompatible with Windows 10, and if you enjoy seeing your computer get plowed by forceful upgrades or you don’t mind watching Microsoft stream through your front door and have their way with your machine, then by all means all you have to do is let those virtual pillagers plow through your system like a wrecking ball through a concrete wall.

It’s a real shame that it’s come to users having to fend off their operating system as if they’re a parent walking their kid through a virtual playground where a software molester pops out from behind a tree every couple of hours to ask your kid… “Hey, you want a free upgrade?”

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  • NoLifeDGenerate

    Why aren’t more people complaining about being forced to upgrade to run a lot of games now because of MS’s nonsense with Direct X 12. Didn’t they learn anything from DX10(?) when they released Halo 2 and other games as “Vista Only” and Halo 2 got hacked to run on XP anyway??? NOBODY wants to be told which OS or which version of Windows they have to run in order to play a simple game that’s damn well capable of running on any OS if it used OpenGL. Direct X needs to fuck off and die or become as platform independent as OpenGL. I can’t be the only one tired of this consumer unfriendly shit.

  • popehentai

    Theres a third party solution called “GWX control panel” That you can use to block the upgrade from happening.

  • Michael P

    Ok that read like a campfire horror story….”then the OS wielding maniac Bill Gates stepped out from behind the update and forcibly installed Windows 10… if you listen closely you can still hear the ghost of the Windows 7 PC crying “muh privacy!”

    I’ve gotten that message a few times now but you’ve just spooked me into switching off updates entirely, is that enough to stop the madman?

    • I’ve gotten that message a few times now but you’ve just spooked me into switching off updates entirely, is that enough to stop the madman?

      Yep. You should only pick and choose necessary updates, manually. Just up until July 29th until the freely distributed version of Windows 10 is nixed.

      It’s funny, but in the movie Tron: Legacy they wanted that faux Microsoft company to give away their OS for free, and lo and behold the real Microsoft does just that and people don’t want the free OS because it’s garbage.

      • Michael P

        I always update manually but it sounds like they’re trying to sneak in updates that bork Win7 PC’s to force the upgrade and I’m not going through the pain of saving all the extra shit on my PC and reinstalling 7 again.

        Haven’t seen Tron but that is pretty funny, not all the best things in life are free!

    • C G Saturation

      It won’t stop him from all the other ways he’s been screwing with people around the world. Beware the twisted hobbies of billionaires.

  • DizzyGear

    I use this script to keep the Windows 10 nagging off my 8.1 install:
    Works like a charm.

    Speaking of nagging. You might want to look into the PC keeper add on your site. It gives me a fullscreen pop-up window that looks suspiciously like an Adobe Flash update to sucker people into installing it.

    • I’ve seen that pop-up… and it’s not attached to any specific ad system running on the site. The only thing I have up is Amazon’s side-bar ads, and there’s a Chitika side-bar replacement if the Amazon ads are unavailable. It could be something in Chitika? It’s been bugging me that I can’t find out exactly what’s causing the pop-up because I really hate pop-ups.

  • giygas

    Here’s hoping Vulkan takes off. Then PC gaming will be able to leave Microsoft in the dust.

    • ItEotWaWKI

      This is what I’m desperately hoping for. If Vulkan can AT LEAST get mainstream support from one of the major engines, (like Unreal), MicroSofts lazyass stranglehold on PC gaming will die sooner rather than later. With the trepidation from companies like Epic and VALVe in regards to Win10, chances are decent. It’ll be a pretty good PR boost for the API if the current issues AMD users are having with Doom largely go away when it receives the Vulkan patch. Even better if, with the update, Linux and MAC support are added.

  • scemar

    For a time now microsoft has been on a path of forcing W10 on to people.

    They have been adding more and more scenarios where if the user does not take lengths and efforts on his own to specifically address it, they will add windows 10.

    In one of their updates they turn on the “auto update” switch on users.
    In another one, they insert the W10 installed.
    And the next time, they begin the “DO YOU WANT WINDOWS 10? DON’T SAY ANYTHING IF YOU DO!”.

    Here are the only ways to avoid this:
    Find the updates that bring all of this, and remove them.
    Uninstall them all at once and put the updates setting all the way to full manual.
    And from now on you have to check updates on your own, and you choose what to update, check every serial for any new update make sure they don’t sneak something dirty.

    Microsoft is disgusting.
    All their boasts and claims of how great W10 has turned out massively disregard the fact that it’s all coming from people who were fooled or forced to update, or entirely new machines that had no option to revert.

    • LurkerJK

      And after that i have to bring up that, unless you have the business edition, you cannot stop updates in W10, you can only delay the inevitable, so whenever they come up with something WORSE you can only close your eyes and take it

      • Mr.Towel

        Soon enough, WindowsOS retail boxes will include a lot of free lube…

        • Knowing Microsoft, they’ll make you pay extra for it.

          • Bitterbear

            You’re getting a tiny free sample though.

          • Mr.Towel

            Free update package! *ba dum tss*

    • Is there any date that is not safe to have a update from, or should I wait until July the 30th?

      • At this point it’s probably safe to wait for July 30th. It’s just a couple months out and I doubt there’s going to be some life-changing update that releases between now and then.

  • LurkerJK

    It should be noted that when the popup appears “OK” is highlighted … hope you were not writing something at the time or you might accept by mistake and that the pop up is on a timer, it will install if you look away, and then hope it works, there are a loooot of things that can go wrong in the process

    Also ive heard a lot of horror stories about how the upgrade downloads itself, it keeps trying, if you dont have enough space it tries, fails, deletes itself, tries again and again and again, hope you are not on a data cap

    Oh, and and all of this is before getting into the actual wonders of windows 10, like that “sharing” of you bandwidth for upgrades enabled by default or uploading your passwords to servers and then deleting them if you tell the OS to not save them in the cloud

    Microsoft has always toyed with the idea but Windows 10 leaves no doubt about it, you are no longer the owner of your PC, by installing the OS you hand ownership to Microsoft, at that point you are “allowed” to use your PC… maybe …

    This is why we need competition, sigh …

  • Cats736

    Updates to avoid.

    KB2952664, KB2976978, KB2977759, KB3138612, KB3138615, KB3139929, KB3035583, KB3133977

  • C G Saturation

    Thanks for the writeup! There was another incident two weeks ago, where Microsoft changed KB3133977 from optional to recommended, which ended up preventing ASUS motherboards from booting.

    Microsoft’s explanation:
    “After you install update 3133977 on a Windows 7 x64-based system that
    includes an ASUS-based main board, the system does not start, and it
    generates a Secure Boot error on the ASUS BIOS screen. This problem
    occurs because ASUS allowed the main board to enable the Secure Boot
    process even though Windows 7 does not support this feature.”

    Reportedly, this is Microsoft’s solution:
    “The Secure Boot feature is supported in Windows 10. To learn more about
    the security advantages of this feature and about the upgrade path from
    Windows 7 to Windows 10, go to the following Windows website:

    What a bunch of assholes. That response alone makes it seem like they did it on purpose. Otherwise they’d take responsibility, apologize and offer a real solution.

    • I just recently had to deal with a MB and RAM issue, so I can feel their pain. Replacing a motherboard can be costly and extremely time consuming due to the capability issues involved. I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft that they did do it on purpose so they can meet their install base quota.

      • C G Saturation

        I’m hearing that closing the “Upgrade now or Upgrade later!” nagging screen via X will now automatically install Windows 10 15 minutes later. Don’t know if it’s true. Source:

        • Wow. Now that’s some vile stuff if true. I may need to further check that stuff out.

    • Mr.Towel

      Damn! My PC case is trembling while covering its tight Ethernet holes after that one! It has ASUS inside that juicy and shining metal skin that Microsoft fantasizes about filling with corporate Windows 10 Ad Data Mining Creamy Goo.

      Though enduring the fear of software rape till July 29th will provide some relief after that date, I wonder what we will have to do when support for windows 7 dies in 2020. I’m not planning to go for W10 anytime soon I don’t think. I would rather spend whole afternoons trying to make DX games work on Linux than that.

    • DizzyGear

      Funny thing is that Apple started this crap with shoving an OS down your throat all the way back with the 3rd generation G3 iMac that refused to boot from any Mac OS lower than 9. Which sucked because Mac OS 9 was a buggy piece of shit upon release.
      This carried over with later machines that would only boot from Mac OS X so if you had legacy applications that needed ‘classic’ Mac OS and did not run on Mac OS X you were fucked and the only solution Apple provided was selling you outdated G4 macs that had the OS lock-out disabled in the firmware.