Moon Hunters Set To Arrive On PS4 July 12th

Kitfox Games’ Moon Hunters will be making the leap from PC to PS4 starting July 12th. The game that deals with cultures, legends, the occult and mysticism will bring the four-player action that made it a hit on Steam to the home console space.

Kitfox’s title was originally Kickstarted after gaining a bit of momentum and a little bit of a spotlight through the Square Enix Collective a couple of years ago, and now it will be cementing a new milestone in its short legacy as a PS4 title.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, Kitfox’s lead designer Tanya Short explained the journey through the indie space leading up to the big moment of having their game make an appearance on a Sony branded console, as well as their goal for how they wanted players to engage in the multiplayer RPG.

According to Short…

“The game itself has changed a lot since the original concept, but the whole time, we’ve been driven by this fascination with “mythology,” and what it means for a person to become a legend. We knew we wanted to make a “party game”-style RPG, about 45 minutes long each session. So rather than make each session epic in and of itself, we ended up focusing on the constellations and legends you create, which are saved across playthroughs.”

Moon Hunters has been receiving a lot of praise across the board from critics and gamers alike. You know you’ve hit it out of the park if you can get games journalists and gamers to agree on something.

As for Moon Hunters, if you’re unfamiliar with how the game is played or what the gameplay mechanics are like, you can check out a trailer below to give you an idea of what to expect from the title courtesy of a video from Stumpt.

The mix of isometric dungeon crawling and world building through the choices made throughout the game is an interesting twist to the typical RPG formula employed by most games.

You can look to experience Moon Hunters on the PlayStation 4 for yourself starting July 12th.


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