Neon Drive Speeds Onto Steam With Synthwave Soundtrack

If you’re looking for a 1980’s themed, neon-lights driving game with sleek sports cars, awesome visuals and a retro synthwave soundtrack, you may find what you’re looking for in Fraoula’s Neon Drive.

The game originally appeared on iTunes for mobile devices, but the awesome themes, great graphics and the throwback to some of the best content from a bygone era. You can get a glimpse of the trailer for Neon Drive below to see what the game is like.

Over on the Steam page they exdplain that there are seven different levels to blast through, a custom retro synth soundtrack that rhythmically syncs to the beat of the level, as well as three different difficulty modes.

Some of the early reviews for the game indicate that the game is extremely hard and is pretty much rage-quit worthy, but that it’s also very fun and visually captivating. According to the developers, the game was designed to be zen-like, so players kind of fade away into the atmosphere and themes.

One of the big issues pointed out in the reviews is the lack of checkpoints – some complain that the lack of checkpoint progress makes it too difficult to enjoy. Others didn’t mind the difficulty and felt that it was a nice call back to the days of the NES, where skill and twitch-reflexes were the order of the day in games like Rad Racer.

I’m loving the revival of some of these classically made games with visuals and audio based around an era that was over with way too quick. Unfortunately Neon Drive didn’t appear in the new Steam releases section for me but I did see it flutter by quickly on the scroll page as a recommended title, so the minute I saw that it was available I quickly picked up a copy.

If it looks like the kind of game that fits your desires for fun and challenge in the realm of interactive entertainment, you can pick up a copy of Neon Drive for 20% off the normal price for only $7.99 from over on the Steam store.


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