Nimbi, Puzzle Adventure Game Enters Steam Greenlight

It seems as if developer Mortar Boar is trying to step up the quality in Greenlight games with Nimbi. Although it’s a puzzle-based game, it does hold merit in being more than just a simple indie obstacle game.

It’s safe to say that this is the type of game that would be offered to those as a free game on PS Plus. Not saying that it’s a bad thing, it just has the aesthetics and build of something that would be a PS Plus free game. Although it’s a nice simple looking game, it does lack some polishing with the movement and animations.

The gameplay tackles the imaginative world of a kid, so you can imagine it will feature some pretty wacky stuff when it comes to stage design and how the puzzles play out. Those who’ve played something like Grow Home, or other games on that line, will see the similarities with a weird abstract world filled with visual wonders.

Through Nimbi’s journey, players will be tasked with finding his best friend who mysteriously disappeared. The devs claim in a bulleted list that Nimbi the game will feature a “deep story,” which will require those following the protagonist’s journey to solve unique puzzles.

If you are into puzzle adventure games, there’s no doubt that this game would be a favorite. However, I don’t know how meaty the content is to keep new and puzzle fans alike coming back for more. Well, to see if it’s something worth voting for on Steam Greenlight you can watch it’s newest trailer below.

Along the journey, there will be unique animal outfits that will grant Nimbi special abilities — not unlike Mario and his power-up costumes — these will help with traversing and solving puzzles throughout the game.

If you are up for the challenge and want to travel along Nimbi’s adventure, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to vote for Mortar Boar’s puzzle game.


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