Nintendo 2DS Is Now Only $80

The official price-cut for the Nintendo 2DS has officially kicked into effect today. The price cut went live with a number of bundle deals currently available from a number of different retailers, spanning from Amazon and Best Buy to GameStop and Target, just to name a few.

Gamespot lifted the news from over on the official Nintendo website, where the company has a coupe of listings for the different bundle deals available for the 2DS, including one where you can get the system and Mario Kart 7 for only $79.99. They also have a Yo-Kai Watch bundle that comes with a pre-installed copy of the game for $79.99 as well.

As noted in the Gamespot article, the 2DS started off at $130 and eventually dwindled in price over time down to $100 and now it’s only $80.

At least Nintendo knows how to keep the 2DS looking like a product worth buying, opposite of the Wii U, which they seemed to have left on the shelf to rot and die a miserable and humiliating death. They could have easily maintained a second place spot behind the PS4 with a price-cut by $100 and an aggressive marketing campaign, especially during the holiday season last year. However, Nintendo opted to skimp out on doing the right thing and ended up passing up a lot of prime opportunities to make the Wii U look like a must-buy product. A real shame because the console has some amazing games available for it.

As for the Nintendo 2DS, I suspect they’re going to try to get up and get out as many units as possible before the end of the year as they prep for the launch of the Nintendo NX in March, 2017. With the Wii U’s sales practically as stilted as Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign when it comes to anti-SJW types, I don’t think Nintendo will have any problems getting customers to completely ignore the Wii U and take a look at the NX, assuming the new gaming device is not a dud out of the box.

Anyway, if you want to check out those $80 Nintendo 2DS bundles feel free to hit up the official Nintendo website.


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