Offworld Trading Company: Beginner Tips For Effective Builds And Resources

With the official release of Mohawk Games’ space simulation and strategy game, Offworld Trading Company, the game has finally exited Early Access on Steam. With its release the space sim has been picking up traction with a growing audience quite fast. Those that are new to the game and looking for goods tips might find some helpful tricks in this guide.

Offworld Trading Company is a competitive space entrepreneur game that challenges players to a wide variety of economical and investment choices. The strategy sim can be very difficult and confusing if certain resources aren’t mined properly, or if players don’t take necessary measures to outperform their counterparts.

Speaking of counterparts, depending on prices and equipment, or buildings, depends on what others will do and how the black market and main market will react to your actions. If you want to learn how to build stuff, monopolize, and create cost efficient properties, you can check out AddMeGamers‘ video that he posted last year. Although the video is old and pertains to the Early Access build, it does provide a list of helpful tips and tricks.

Now that you know that you have to build up your resources, stop and hinder your opponents, and to pay attention to the most profitable resources and the market, you can operate your business program to dance around some of the more dangerous schemes, and to recover a lot quicker from unexpected events.

Something worth noting, if players are going to take the route of the video guide below and team up with the Yoshimi – Robotics, your power will spike because the company uses electricity for transportation and not fuel. So if you are going to go with Robots, you will need to focus on power very early on in the game and building up resources to power your equipment through electricity.

With that said, you can watch YouTuber EnterElysium play through his guide of Offworld Trading Company, which is a lot more recent than the video above.

If the videos above didn’t quite help out, the community-based wiki at Gamepedia has a list of tips and tricks to help those in need, which also features a beginner’s guide.

Offworld trading Company is currently running a 25% off special deal that brings the price down from $39.99 to $29.99, and will end on May 16th. You can get the strategy game now over on Steam.


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