OmniBus Gives Zero Cares As It Crashes Onto Steam

Devolver Digital and Buddy Cops’ new release has been tearing up a storm on Steam. The name of the game is called OmniBus and it’s essentially the bus driving simulator equivalent of Coffee Stain Studios’ Goat Simulator.

So what is OmniBus? It’s a game about a bus, featuring one to four player modes, a mission mode and a trick mode. The game sports local play, so you and three of your friends can live out the life of a dangerous, gravity-defying bus in split-screen action.

The story for the game is as nonsensical as its launch trailer, with the Steam store page explaining…

“Throughout history man has looked to the noble bus in times of chaos and turmoil to bring peace, prosperity, and a lift to those that it serves during hours of operation. Slay demon buses, harvest space corn, and transport astronauts to a wedding as the legend foretold to become the one true OmniBus. There’s also a pretty cool level with a football field on the top of a skyscraper.”

If none of that makes sense, prepare to have your mind blown with the launch trailer below.

You’ll platform hop, blast through trains, carry passengers to various locations and lead a herd of cows home.

The game is pretty crazy and makes liberal use of its floaty, space-age physics. The game has a rather simple set of system requirements, needing only 200MB of hard drive space and a 2ghz CPU. It shouldn’t be hard getting the game to run.

The user reviews for OmniBus are all mostly positive, citing the game as being a fun stress-reliever and a cool way to just blast around and fiddle with the game’s over-the-top physics.

Not every loves every aspect of the game, though. There are a few negative reviews that are quite critical of the game’s mid-air controls and floaty physics. It’s noted that it’s difficult to re-orientate the bus once it gets airborne, leaving the fate of its landing up to chance as opposed to pure skill. I suppose depending on what your view is on that kind of gameplay will determine how much fun (or frustration) you’ll have with OmniBus.

The game is available right now on Steam for $9.99. For the first week of its availability you can grab it for 10% off the normal price for only $8.99 on the Steam store.


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