Paragon’s Beta Set To Go Free For PC And PS4 On May 26th – 30th

MOBA fans that like battling it out on the field will be able to do so and get a taste of Epic Game’s hero clash, Paragon, for free. The game’s Beta will open up and be free to those who register and join in on the weekend special, which runs from May 26th to May 30th. The free beta trial is available for both PC and PS4.

Honestly, free trials for games are great because they let players know what a game is like before backing or funding it. Being able to test something also helps define whether or not one should buy the game since all the meat and potatoes are basically right in front of them while testing the game.

With that said if you are new to the MOBA scene, or if you want to understand what Paragon has to offer, now is the time to consider if you want to smash the field of the MOBA world next week.

The beta will go live from Thursday, May 26th through Monday, May 30th. Those that are interested can head on over to to learn more about the sign-up process. As of now, Paragon is currently in a paid Early Access stage that offers its heroes to existing players for free.

In addition to the paid stuff, microtransactions only account for skins, emotes and boosters that are optional purchases. Like in some other games, cards can be earned by playing the game normally, and is noted not to contain any gameplay affecting items sold.

You can check out the official video showing off the weekend special entitled “Free Beta Weekend.”

As noted above, PC and PS4 players will gain this free treat that will last all weekend long from May 26 to the 30th. For more information on signing-up and about the game, you can visit Paragon’s official site.


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