Party Panic Seeks Steam Greenlight Approval

You can never have enough party games in your life; fun little games where you can spend the weekend sitting on the couch with your friends, drinking some Dew with your Doritos and beating the mess out of your friends on the TV screen. That’s the type of Saturday afternoon fun Party Panic has to offer.

Developers Everglow Interactive has announced their new local multiplayer party game, Party Panic and it actually looks like quite a bit of fun. It reminds me of the classic party games like the Chibi Maruko-chan on the SNES, Chameleon Twist, and of course Mario Party. Taking elements from past party games and placing you in this silly and crazy looking 3D world, filled with ridiculous scenarios that you will have to overcome to rack up more points than your rivals.

party panic 2

Don’t have any mates to play with you? No worries, Party Panic also has a single player AI that you can play with so that the party will never end. There are a total of 15 mini-games for you to compete in, ranging from the tedious task of chasing exploding chickens, to out running a demented looking whales that appear to try to eat you alive, as well as a few platform elements as you race around the stages.

To give you a slight advantage, you can also punch your rivals in the face to trip them up to keep them from earning more points. You can check out the silly Greenlight trailer and the gameplay trailer linked down below.

Party Panic is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for enough votes to officially become a Steam game on the store page. If you are interested in supporting them, you can follow the above link to cast your votes, or to just read up about what the game has to offer.

For additional information and details, you can also visit their official website to learn more.


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