Perfect Universe Set To Launch On PS4 Starting May 17th

The crazy unique game called Perfect Universe, which launched earlier in the year for PC, will finally arrive on PlayStation 4 starting May 17th. It was announced recently that not only will the game arrive on the PS4 later in the month, but starting May 20th a retail, physical boxed version of Perfect Universe will also be available for PC.

According to developer Excalibur, the miscellaneous game will feature both single and multiplayer modes when it makes the leap to the PS4, including the main platforming mode where players control an odd looking man who must dodge obstacles and collect stars, as well as the QWOP inspired game where you control an odd-looking alien, and there’s a space shuttle game where you fly around and navigate through space.

You can get an idea of what both the single and multiplayer modes look like in the trailer below.

In addition to the three single-player modes, there are six different multiplayer modes.

According to developer Will Sykes, this was a passion project design to be simple fun with a visual life all its own, stating in the press release…

“I really wanted to build a game that’s fun to play but also different –it’s easy to learn but hard to master due to these random gravity factors. The unpredictable force of the gravity means that if you time it just right, for example in one game, you can glide from planet to planet. It is both frustrating and addictive to play.”

It definitely doesn’t fit the bill as a standard platformer, but the combination of bizarre single-player modes and party-game inspired multiplayer modes makes Perfect Universe a rare standout entry amongst many other indie titles currently available.

I imagine gamers interested in something completely out of the norm will take a liking to Perfect Universe, but many gamers not entirely impressed with the line-drawn graphics and simple palette will probably want to take a pass.

You can look for the game to launch on the PlayStation Store for $9.99 starting May 17th. The retail edition for PC will also launch at $9.99 starting May 20th. For more info feel free to visit the official website.


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