Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Launches In September

Capcom announced that the latest Ace Attorney game won’t be limited to a release in Japan. Following on the news that the game would be arriving this summer in the land of the rising sun, Capcom revealed that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice will be releasing in September in the West.

The Nintendo 3DS title will see Phoenix Wright and friends dealing with a case without a court system. The case takes place in the kingdom of Khura’in, and Wright has to weave his way through the crazy Kura’inese law system in order to make his case.

There’s a Western version of the Spirit of Justice trailer that was recently posted up that you can view below.

As showcased in the trailer above, it looks pretty much like the young boy pleading his innocence is going to have a tough time of it given that the divinator appears to show that the last memory of the victim was of the boy looming over him before he died. It’s likely that someone else was there who killed the dude and the boy was trying to help in some way. It would be real shocking if the boy actually did it, though.

The press release indicates that there will be plenty of puzzles to solve and lots of suspects to interrogate before solving the case.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice

They don’t discuss much of anything else in the press release other than letting loose a few images, but they do mention that there will be new investigation techniques that players will be able to utilize.

Given Nintendo’s recent run-ins with foul localization practices courtesy of Treehouse, I’m left to wonder if Capcom’s new “diversity” initiative will see any major changes to this most recent Ace Attorney game? I guess we’ll find out as September draws nearer.

You can keep track of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney by paying a visit to the official Capcom website.


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