Planet Nomads Video Previews Animation Improvements, New Biomes

The developers at Craneballs released a new video showcasing the highlights of their progress on the development of Planet Nomads so far. This includes improved animations for the player character, more alien creatures making the leap from concept art to in-engine asset, and better accessibility for building some vehicles.

The video highlights Craneballs’ dedication to their crowd-funded title, Planet Nomads, and how they’re slowly iterating new content and features into the game as they move toward the public release. You can check out the video below.

Throughout April they managed to iron out the animations for the main character, as well as work on some of the biomes. In fact, three new biomes are also being added, including a unique forest, an arid desert, and a frozen tundra. They plan on adding more biomes to the game, basing each one on real life topography and weather systems.

The terrain voxel deformation is also being optimized for release, so that players will be able to drill, dig and destroy the environment dynamically without worrying about slowdown, performance drops or glitches.

Each biome will also house various animals. They have seven different animal types, each one with their own behavior and AI types.

The game appears to be coming along as a No Man’s Sky-lite, which is certainly not a bad thing.

The vehicle construction utility is certainly a lot more intuitive than what we’ve seen from No Man’s Sky, and the physics systems appear to be a lot more advanced than Hello Games’ title.

In fact, you can see a brief demonstration of just how powerful the construction utility is in the game with a video that was put together by YouTuber It features a 13 minute speed-design of a mining machine.

The game appears to be coming along quite nicely, and they have plans to move closer to the closed alpha test soon enough. You can learn more about Planet Nomads by paying a visit to the official website.