Pokemon Sun And Moon Release Date And Starter Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon fans waiting for more information pertaining to Nintendo and the Pokemon Company’s Sun and Moon games will find that they will both be available on November 18th, for the 3DS. This also joins the news of the newly revealed three starter Pokemon.

Revealed in a two-minute long trailer, the video showcases the three starting Pokemon, which every fan should know that you get the choice of Fire, Water and Grass. Each of the three are strong against another and weak against one another, resulting in a balance. Although a player’s start will vary in difficulty depending on which type they pick, however, it also boils down to how good of a trainer they are.

The first of the three revealed is Rowlet. The small flying Grass-type Pokemon flies silently through the air, while unleashing powerful kicks to its opponents. It can also attack foes from a distance with razor-sharp leaves that double as its feathers. Rowlet also knows the move Leafage. This move strikes enemies with leaves and can be used right from the start.

Pokemon-Sun-Moon 2

The second Pokemon is Litten. The Fire-type attacks with fire hair-balls, which is quite weird. Doused in flammable oils, when litten sheds it all burns up and can be used to deal lethal damage. The good old move Ember is Littens starting move, and emits a small fire that kindles the enemy.

Pokemon-Sun-Moon 3

The last of the three is Popplio. The Water-type uses its elastic skin to perform acrobatic stunts and jumps, while at the same time using it to exceed underwater at speeds higher than 25mph. Using bubbles and playful gestures, this Pokemon is both humorous and dangerous in battles. The classic move that Squirtle used, Water Gun, will be the starter move for Popplio.

Pokemon-Sun-Moon 4

All three can be seen in the video below as well as other Pokemon, including the new legendary pocket monsters. You can check them out below, courtesy of the Official Pokemon Channel.

Both Pokemon Sun and Moon games will be available over in the west on November 18th. Both versions will be exclusive to the 3DS, and will obviously feature Pokemon restricted to that version.


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