Project SOCJUS, #GamerGate Action Title Gets New Test Footage

Anomalous Games released some new test footage for their upcoming side-scrolling, hack-and-slash action title based on the ridiculous unreal events surrounding #GamerGate. The game stars the mascot of the consumer revolt, Vivian James. Some new test footage has found its way online, giving gaming gators a look at the new platformer, Project SOCJUS.

You can check out the quick clip below, showing off some placeholder assets as Vivian James continues to go through the iterative process of game development. Check it out.

Now I know the video is short and a little on the too-teasing-for-your-own-good side, but Anomalous Games didn’t want to leave it at that. Aaron from the Project SOCJUS team sent over a few answers to some frequently asked questions. You can check them out below.

Q: Will we be able to get more weapons to mix things up with different movesets?

Anomalous Games:All assets shown in the video are basically a fancy set of placeholders; they’ll probably go through a number of revisions before the game is released. Right now, the only attack Vivian has is the saber combo, mainly because none of the other weapons have been coded or animated yet. The video is just meant to show that we’re making progress with the combat mechanics; in the final game, Vivian will have access to at least four different weapons, plus a number of special attacks, finishers, and assist characters/strikers. The same goes for all the other playable characters.

Q: Would also like to see a combo counter and a combo announcer.

Anomalous Games: We’re planning to add a combo counter and style ranking mechanics later on. I’m not sure if we’ll have a combo announcer, but that sounds like a good idea; I’ve always loved the combo announcer in Blazblue.

Q: When will there be a playable demo?

Anomalous Games: We don’t have any concrete plans yet. We initially wanted to release a demo in August, but the game isn’t progressing fast enough to make that possible. Currently, we’re not planning to release a demo until August 2017, on the same day that the game is launched, mostly because of the stuff about Early Access in this article: That’s not set in stone, however. We’ll also be holding a closed beta sometime in Spring 2017.

Bummer about the release date being so far off, but it’s cool that the team is really dedicated to this project. In fact, the whole thing is based on the fact that #GamerGate was the only community to stand up to the Social Justice Warriors, hence why Vivian James is the main character fighting against the cult-like overlords.

Funnily enough, the game uses what’s called a “BTFO” mechanic, where instead of the enemies dying, Vivian simply beats them enough that they go running off. According to Aaron, you’re essentially fighting the same SJWs over and over because there aren’t many of them and the same ones keep popping up everywhere. So every time they get BTFO, they run off only to return and get their butts kicked again, and again, and again by Vivian. It’s hilariously accurate to real life battles with Social Justice Warriors.

You can keep track of Project SOCJUS by hitting up the game’s official website.