Prominence Poker Enters Steam Early Access

Pipeworks Studio and 505 Games announced that their seedy new role-playing billiard room take on poker has entered into Early Access. Prominence Poker is free-to-play right now as an Early Access title on Steam.

The game sees players attempting to build their prominence within the circles of poker by beating some of the best underground players from around the world. This means that players will have to work their way up from the decrepit backrooms of local establishments, rundown laundromats and small time gambling halls to the larger casinos and mob-ran outlets.

Players will find themselves guided through their card-playing adventure by a mysterious man known as “The Mayor”, the ringleader of a town known for its gambling ways. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

In addition to having the story-oriened single-player campaign, there’s also the inclusion of the online multiplayer mode that will see players taking on other players from the world around, bluffing and strategically playing their way up the leaderboards.

As mentioned by Lindsay Gupton, the president of Pipeworks, Prominence Poker derives a lot of its core from real life card playing and will try to win over gamers both with its single and multiplayer component…

“As a AAA poker experience based on Texas Hold ‘Em, Prominence Poker puts players in control with a great combination of single-player experiences like character customization and RPG elements along with multiplayer options such as live events and tournaments for competitive play.”

It’s mentioned on the Steam page that the game is about 85% complete and they’re taking feedback and player suggestions as they round out and finish the development of Prominence Poker. They plan on having the game up and out before the summer is out, and it will continue to be free-to-play even after it exits Early Access.

You can get in some playtime with the game right now or learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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