Randall: Platform beat’em up Seeks Steam Greenlight Votes

We The Force Studios has created a new 2.5D metroidvania style Side-scrolling platform beat’em up,  going by the name of Randall. As you may have guessed, you play as the titular Randall, a man with extraordinary powers and combat abilities, out to destroy the evil empire that has enslaved mankind.

Protagonist Randall has the combat skill to take out enemies with a series of melee combos. He is fast and agile, allowing him to jump up high into the air, hop off of walls or cling to platforms to navigate the dangerous environments around him. I’m not sure where the game takes place, but it appears to be some type of fortress of some kind, with traps and lasers located at almost every corner. You will need to use your wits and your skill to jump and dodge to survive, similar to classic Megaman games.

Randall 2

The stages are very complex and set in a futuristic world with giant mechs, surveillance cameras, and lightning grids to keep you from progressing deeper into the fortress. One of the cool parts about Randall, is his ability to take control of his enemy’s mind to use their abilities against them to help him with his own goals. I’m not sure how many powers Randall has, or how his mind control ability will work in game, but it sounds like an interesting concept.

I was a bit disappointed that the below gameplay trailer doesn’t showcase the use of these psychic powers, so we’ll just have to take the developers word for it and either wait for a demo, another trailer, or the full release to see exactly what Randall can do.

The art style and graphics has a cartoon style to it that reminds me a bit of Psychonauts and Viewtiful Joe, but the tone and theme of the game looks a bit darker and more serious. If you are interested in seem Randall make its way to PC, you can vote for it on the Steam Greenlight page .

Furthermore, you can also visit the official website for further details. Randall is also scheduled to make its way to the PS4, but as of the time of this article, the release date is still labeled as “To be announced”.


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