Riders Of Icarus Final Closed Beta Takes Place June 2nd

I’ve been keeping an eye on Nexon and WeMade Entertainment’s Riders of Icarus. I’ve been burned out on FPS games and MMOs for a while now after binging on them during the late aughts, but Riders of Icarus looks like a very interesting game and depending on how it’s handled, I might even be tempted to dive into the game. For those of you who no reservations about this upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, you can participate in the final closed beta test before the game begins preparation for the open beta.

Nexon announced that the final test will take place on June 2nd on Thursday, and will run through the following Tuesday on June 7th. This test will give gamers a taste of Riders of Icarus just before E3 gets fully underway, opening up one door of excitement before leading into another.

This third closed beta test will take place in Western Europe, North America, the Oceania territories and Latin America.

If you need a reminder on what the game looks like, you can check out the trailer below.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the trailers, even though they really don’t give us any kind of indication on what the actual gameplay will be like. The marketers behind the trailers have been doing a fantastic job of cutting together clips that make the game look like some kind of epic thrill ride.

Developers WeMade will also be rewarding players who provide useful feedback data on the beta, giving select players free, permanent Silver Dragon or Golden Dragon capes when the game is ready to enter into open beta.

Following the closed beta tests the game will go dormant throughout the rest of June until 29th, where those who purchased the Founder’s Packs will have a seven day head-start on participating in the open beta, which will eventually open to the general public on July 6th.

You can learn more about participating in the final closed beta test or sign up by visiting the official Riders of Icarus beta page.


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