Riff Racer Creates Tracks Based On Music And Has Graduated Early Access

Formerly known as Drive Any Track, the racing game from Foam Entertainment has just recently graduated from Early Access and is now a full fledged game available for purchase, without the worry about it being a half-finished, half-done, half-complete indie title.

A lot of gamers are leery about Early Access games because they have a tendency of starting off real slick and then sometimes devolving into slow or non-existent updates before wallowing away in the heap of a digital corner filled with some long forgotten indie games with a blockbuster dream and a few pennies in the pocket.

Riff Racer was not one of those games.

Foam Entertainment managed to make it through the hardships of indie development and the roadblocks of Greenlight in order to make their way through Early Access. After receiving some right proper feedback and expanding on their content, they eventually managed to bring their title out of the development phase and onto the Steam store as a full fledged racing title.

So with all of that said, what is the game about? Well, there’s a trailer below to give you an idea of how you play Riff Racer and what it features.

Essentially it’s a music racing game. You can race to the beat of your own music, but even more than that the tracks are procedurally generated based on your playlist. Loops, jumps, hops, and drifts are utilize an algorithmic formula to keep the music and track synergy intense.

From Early Access to full release, Foam Entertainment has included a brand new UI, brand new menus, all new customizable controls, 25 included songs and support for MP3s, Flac, Ogg Vorbis and AAC tracks.

There’s a multiplayer ghost mode so you can challenge your friend’s best score on their favorite track, or you can generate your own track and record your play session and challenge others to beat your time.

You can pick up a digital copy of Riff Racer right now for only $14.99. You can learn more by checking the game out over on the Steam store.


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