Rokh: FPS MMO Seeks support For Kickstarter Campaign

Rokh is a new massive multiplayer online, first person shooter, being developed by Darewise Entertainment, putting players in a survival cooperative game that takes place on the planet Mars.

Players will either work together or against one another in a large open sandbox style environment where you will be able to build up your own base as you work to colonize the planet. Rokh will allow players to be able to turn their base into a defensive stronghold or a factory designed to automatically develop weapons, armor, and other supplies that will you need to survive.

Rokh will require players to eat, drink, and maintain a healthy supply of oxygen within their base, as well as making sure that they keep the rooms and base properly pressurized to keep from dying. In other words, you have to work to maintain your life support systems so that your colony doesn’t fail and fall apart. From the sound of the concept description, majority of this will be maintained by the players in a massive 155 square mile persistent game world.

Building and maintaining your colony won’t be that easy, though. Like most base building games, you will first need to find ore and supplies, build the necessary machinery, and then refine the different types of ore before you will be able to make use of it. Because of the time and effort required to refine ore, mine it, and build up a functioning base, there will be players out there that are facing hard times and just trying to survive, so keep an eye out for raiders that will attempt to steal supplies.

Players will also be able to sneak into rival player bases to hack the automated systems to take the base over for them self, so if you want to keep your hard earned home safe, you will need to create defenses and have regular players patrolling to keep it safe. What are the shooting and adventure elements like? I’m not sure, and to be honest that does scare me a bit.

For now, Rokh is still in the early development phase so there isn’t much gameplay available, but they did release a teaser trailer and a Kickstarter campaign video to show a little bit of the gameworld and a very small amount of gameplay.

The developers have put up a post on their Steam Greenlight page where they say they are preparing to showcase a small bit of actual gameplay, so stay tuned to see how it all plays out.

If you would like to check out the Kickstarter page you can follow the provided links for further details, as well as their official website for more information.


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