Scrapped, Puzzle Platformer Looks like Wall-E and Portal’s Love Child

A team of 14 students at the SMU Guildhall has put together this platform puzzle game that looks a lot like Wall-E and Portal got together to make a digital love-child called Scrapped.

You play as a quantum force robot named C-23. The little robot was supposed to pass testing to move forward with production, but sadly he does not meet the creators standards, and is thrown into a garbage shoot to be Scrapped. C-23 doesn’t give up that easily, and adventures through the garbage scrapyard wasteland as he attempts to survive.

In the below trailers, the game starts off looking a lot like Aperture science laboratories from the Portal series, but as it goes on it starts looking like Earth’s future from Disney’s Wall-E.


The gameplay elements is a platformer, filled with different traps ranging from variety of swinging saws and deadly pits that will attempt to grind you up and smash you to pieces. There are also various obstacles for players to dodge and attempt to navigate around to survive, and what appears to be some type of gravitational force powered cannon that can launch C-23 through the air, as well as what looks to be some type of futuristic magnetic-style slingshot that C-23 can use as well to swing from one platform to the next.

C-23 also has the ability to slide and grind across the ground, similar to Sega’s Jet Grind Radio game series. It appears that most of C-23’s abilities focuses on magnetic force and manipulating that force to help him get around

The two below gameplay trailers showcases what Scrapped is all about, so you can check it out in the videos I linked below.

Want to see Scrapped on Steam? You can vote for it on the Greenlight page to show your support. However, you can also download and play Scrapped completely free by visiting the development team’s official website, where they have a download link available for those that are interested in playing the game.


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