Shadow Of The Beast Now Available For Purchase On PS4

Heavy Spectrum’s remake of Shadow of the Beast for the PlayStation 4 is available right now. It’s easy to have forgotten about the game given that all the trendy talk over the past weekend has been about the return of the FPS master, DOOM. Well, if you forgot about the side-scrolling brawler for Sony’s latest home console, you can take this as a little reminder that Shadow of the Beast is ripe and ready for the digital plucking.

Sony also sent out a reminder over on the official PlayStation Blog, where the news was accompanied by the presence of the launch trailer, which you can check out below.

I did not like the original Amiga or Genesis versions of Shadow of the Beast because I didn’t get it. The first game was pretty crappy because it was really hard, the story was only explained outside of the game itself, and the combat was not satisfying at all. However, the second and third games in the series fleshed out the story and made the whole trilogy make a heck of a lot more sense. I do like that Heavy Spectrum has taken an opportunity to breathe some narrative into a game that was mostly known for making kids cry out of frustration.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the mechanics look solid. The fighting and gore appear to be a satisfying mix of bloody carnage and skill based melee attacks.

Over on the PlayStation Blog the CEO and founder of Heavy Spectrum, Matthew Birch, humbly explains the journey to bringing the game to life, and hopes that the old school elements they brought back and the new school elements they injected into the Shadow of the Beast brand is something that gamers enjoy…

“After three years, it’s strange to have reached a point where we can’t add any more. We’re not a big team and we know it’s taken us a long time to get here, but I can genuinely say we’ve done everything we were able to. We hope the result is something that people will enjoy spending time playing; and that the dedicated will savor the challenge of mastering the game’s subtleties and uncovering all of its secrets!”

If you’re worried about getting burned on a $60 coaster… don’t. The game is only $19.99, so you only have to worry about getting burned on a potential $20 coaster. Nevertheless, it doesn’t look like Shadow of the Beast is a coaster based on feedback and video impressions, but you can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy by visiting the official PlayStation Store.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot… as mentioned on Niche Gamer Shadow of the Beast comes with a free copy of the original Amiga version of the game, so you get a nice little two for one deal if you pick up a copy of the game for the PS4.


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