Smite Set To Exit Beta And Launch Officially For PS4 On May 31st

MOBA lovers on PS4 will now be able to participate in all of the godly fun of Smite on May 31st. Hi-Rez Studios announced that it will be exiting its beta in a new trailer, which is currently playable on PC and Xbox One.

The PS4 version will finally go live and out of beta at the end of this month – May 31st. The third-person MOBA pits gods from all around, which the player will assume, in a world that shifts towards both PvP and PvE.

Standing as something that would be expected from the devs, considering that they made the MOBA expand to Xbox One, it came in as no surprise to me that they would do so with the game coming to PS4. Standing on three platforms, the PS4 version will soon exit its Beta and add some new content.

Taking it back some, Hi-Rez’s game originally launched on PC on March 25th, 2014. A year later, the devs took their popular MOBA god clash to Xbox One in August 2015. It was just a matter of time the game would head to Sony’s entertainment system and exit its Beta for PS4, which is in the next few days as of this writing.

Accompanying the announcement by the devs comes a short half a minute long trailer. It’s almost more like an accolade trailer than one that focuses on Smite exiting its beta phase.

Anyways, if you enjoyed playing the game on PC or on Xbox One, you will now have the opportunity to do so on the PlayStation 4, which will see more playable gods, game modes, increased frame rate and trophies for the collectors out there.

To learn more about the PS4 version of Smite, you can head on over to the, or hit up the game’s main site.


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