Sonic & Knuckles, Dig Dug Join Xbox One’s Backwards Compatible List
(Last Updated On: May 6, 2016)

Five additional games have been added to the Xbox One’s ever-growing library of backwards compatible titles.

Microsoft recently made it known that a collection of Xbox Live Arcade classics are now backwards compatible with the Xbox One. According to ObnoxiousGamer, this includes Sonic & Knuckles, Dig Dug, Phantasy Star II, Samurai Shodown II and Runner 2.

While many of the other big name and high-profile backwards compatible titles are oftentimes plastered all over the net and made a big deal about, these five classics are pulled out of the deep recesses of the XBLA library, many of these games being old Sega Genesis titles that managed to find new life on the Xbox 360.

I guess if you grew up without emulation and you wanted to earn some achievements and gamer score for your playthrough of Sonic & Knuckles it’s worth picking up on the Xbox One. Of course, the game really isn’t complete unless you have Sonic & Knuckles locked onto Sonic 3. Now that is what makes the game worth playing and replaying time and time over again. It should go without saying that the magnum opus for the Sega Genesis was easily Sonic & Knuckles combined with Sonic 3.

The other games on the list aren’t pushovers, though. We have Phantasy Star II, which was a decent JRPG for the Mega Drive and Genesis back in the day. It’s pretty crazy to think that they’ve moved the series forward enough that they’re now on Phantasy Star Online II.

Samurai Shodown II isn’t bad, but it really doesn’t hold a candle when it comes to mechanics, timing and the animations of Samurai Shodown III, which is still in my opinion the best out of the franchise. The latter two games just didn’t contain the speed or balancing that Samurai Shodown III contained, despite IV and V featuring better animations and more characters.

You can pick up each of the five games right now from the Xbox digital storefront, or if you already have them attached to your Xbox Live profile, you can install them onto your Xbox One.

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  • It should go without saying that the magnum opus for the Sega Genesis was easily Sonic & Knuckles combined with Sonic 3.

    And that’s a statement I completely agree with.

    Streets of Rage 2 was very close too. πŸ˜‰

    • Streets of Rage 2 was very close. I still play that fan rendition that combines all three games together… like very recently. That was one of the best beat-’em-up games alongside Vendetta.

      • Yes, the fan rendition game is Streets Of Rage Remake, and I was one of the people who followed the project for about 5 years upon discovering it… the whole thing took about 8 years to complete (2003 – 2011).

        Truly an amazing fan-made game with an amazing soundtrack.

        Vendetta was so good as well… I remember seeing one 4-Player cabinet in the arcades. Always funny when you got the spiked bat and whacked them onto the wall. Proper 90’s stuff.

        • Kicking a dude square in the nuts made them vomit, which was always a favorite antic of mine.

          It wasn’t as technical as Double Dragon IV, but I loved how unrelenting and politically incorrect that game was. It’s one of the few games where you could kick a dog over, grab a shotgun, walk over to it and blow its brains out. It’s so absurd you can’t help but chuckle at how grindhouse the violence was in that game.