Splatoon Gets New Weapon Combos With Sheldon’s Picks Vol 2 In June

As part of the first anniversary for Splatoon, Nintendo has announced that a selection of new weapon combinations will be made available in the third-person, multiplayer shooter.

My Nintendo News picked up the news from over on the official Nintendo Twitter account, where the company rolled out the following bit of good news to those who enjoy splatting up arenas as octo-kids in the paint-and-splash shooter on the Wii U.


According to My Nintendo News, the weapon options will include the Splatling, Charger, CoroCoro Splat Roller and five Shooters. If you’re familiar with with Splatoon it likely all makes a lot of sense; and it’s a marvel that the game has managed to keep and retain such a dedicated audience for an entire year on.

Many shooters have a hard time keeping their audience in the multiplayer space due to the stiff competition from Call of Duty and Battlefield. Nintendo stepping into the online shooter space with a brand new IP seemed like they were rolling the dice on risky business. However, it paid off in more ways than most people imagined, with Splatoon and Super Mario Maker moving millions of copies throughout 2015.

The new weapon combinations in Splatoon will actually go live for Wii U owners starting June 7th. You can also look for the weapon combinations to arrive in Europe starting Wednesday, June 8th.

It’s a good thing that they’re rolling out the content before June 12th, otherwise it easily could have been engulfed and buried under all of the massive amounts of hype generated by E3.

You can grab Splatoon right now, exclusively for the Wii U. Don’t expect any new news about the game or the IP at all at this year’s E3 because Nintendo has already made it known that they’re going to be spending all of their time at this year’s trade show talking about The Legend of Zelda.

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