Square Enix Releases Heavenstrike Rivals For Free Via Steam For PC

If you enjoy playing games on your mobile device, and particularly enjoy playing Square Enix’s take-turn RPG, Heavenstrike Rivals, you might want to consider snagging a free version of it for PC. The game places players in a war-torn universe that sees a collection of heroes striving to win through a highly “tactical battle” system.

I know there are some thinking “why would I want to play a mobile game on my PC”? Yes, it would seem like a step back, but there are some that really love their mobile games and would like to see them available on PC. If you fit into that category, Square Enix has its latest mobile RPG, Heavenstrike Rivals, up for free to download right now.

Moreover, in a Victorian-futuristic setting, players will embark on a grand adventure across the world with over 700 fully animated characters to save seven legendary sisters. Tagging along with these wide variety of characters is a battle system that is noted to be “highly immersive,” with “tactical battles.”

In addition to the game heading over to PC, cross-platform support will be available allowing users on iOS and Android to play with PC folks. So if you have friends who are on either platform you will be able to play the game with them, along with a spacial tournament arena mode.

If you want to see the trailer for the game and get a taste of what Heavenstrike Rivals has to offer, you can watch the two latest PC trailers as seen below.

If you want, you can get the game either on Apple’s App Store, or on Google Play store for free. Those that want to journey across Lunnain to save the legendary seven sisters should know that the game currently holds a “Mixed” review rating on steam. With that said, if you want you can get it for free on Steam.


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