Star Wars: Force Unleashed 1 And 2 Are Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Fancy looking at Sam Witwer’s face for about the length of an entire working day? Well, you’ll probably like the Star Wars: Force Unleashed games. The two titles from LucasArts are currently available as backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One.

True Achievements picked up the news that the first and second game can be purchased from the Xbox One’s digital store or can be placed inside the Xbox One’s disc tray and installed from the DVD.

Both games are currently available as discounted titles right now on Steam, with a 75% off price cut as part of the Star Wars day celebration. Both games were not review with the greatest scores. I mean, the stories tried to bridge together the events between Episode III and Episode IV but did so in such a janky way that some fans were left unimpressed. I’m sure Force Unleashed II helped contribute to Disney’s decision to wipe all of the canon that took place between Episode VI and Episode VII.

The Star Wars: Force Unleashed backwards compatible titles also accompany news from Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment that there’s a new Star Wars game in the works. In fact, it’s a third-person action-adventure title. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a redo of the Force Unleashed. I do wonder if they’ll try to maintain Disney’s new status quo of keeping Star Wars as diverse as possible? In games like Battlefront it wasn’t much of an issue since it’s just a standard deathmatch cash-grab, but for something story-oriented… it makes you wonder what kind of route they’re going to take?

I’m still waiting for a Star Wars game that gives the kind of intense and technical lightsaber duels that were introduced in Star Wars: Jedi Academy. One can still dream.

Anyway, if you already have the disc of Force Unleashed I or II, you can plop it into your Xbox One’s drive and begin installing the game. If you have a digital copy attached to your Xbox Live profile, you can also begin installing the game on your Xbox One. If you don’t have an Xbox 360 copy of the game, it’s probably a lot cheaper to just get the Steam version since it looks a lot better and it’s 75% off at the moment.

(Main image courtesy of Le Corbeau Solitaire)