Starflint: Point-and-Click Adventure Game Seeks Kickstarter funds

Indie developers Stunmason Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign on May 10th, 2016, for their new point-and-click sci-fi adventure game, Starflint: The Blackhole Prophecy.

Starflint was inspired by sci-fi classics, ranging from The Fifth Element, to Star Wars and Cowboy Bebop. After reaching their funding goal, Starflint will launch the full game for players to enjoy the story, instead of breaking it down into individual parts. However, it sounds like Starflint: The Blackhole Prophecy will be the first game in the series, as the developers have made comments suggesting that the story would unfold in episodes similar to Star Wars, but not in the form of how Telltale Games does it where the game is broken into parts.

The developers released a message on their Steam Greenlight page to clarify what they meant by future episodes in the game series. Starflint is a mature game for a mature audience, so it will have mature story elements (and possibly nudity) as you delve into these more adult topics and situations. This isn’t a point-and-click that you shouldn’t let your kids play. The concept reminds me of Space Quest’s Roger Wilco meets Leisure Suit Larry.

Graphically, I really love the art style. Stunmason Games has put together a team of animators that have created an impressive and beautiful world, in a hand drawn cartoon art-style that looks amazing. Starflint will also be drawn with stunning 24 frames per second animations, to give realistic and smooth movements as the characters interact with the world. Another cool feature is that the developers say that all the items will be fully interactive, so you can poke and prod and explore everything the world has to offer and be rewarded with some type of response from either the world, or the characters for your efforts.

Starflint will have an interactive and progressive story with multiple choice options, allowing players to to affect the outcome of the game, NPCs, and future dialogue options. As a result, Starflint will also have multiple protagonists, and multiple endings based on who you interact with and how you go about interacting with them. The developers have released a teaser trailer, so you can check that out down below.

If you are interested in playing Starflint, you can check out their Kickstarter page for further information, or vote for them on Steam Greenlight. Furthermore, you can visit their official website for more information.


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