Sumer Takes Digital Board Game Concept To Kickstarter

Studio Wumpus’ upcoming interactive board game, Sumer, has taken flight from Steam Greenlight and has managed to land on Kickstarter. The game is currently seeking $25,000 in order to finish up development and get up and out of the door by next spring.

The game is a four-player, competitive board game where players will have to think fast and move fast as they attempt to gather resources, build resources and ultimately offer a sacrifice to the god by the end of the round. Whoever scores the most points by getting in the most sacrifices wins.

You can get an idea of how the game is played with the walkthrough video below.

Essentially players start with a small group of servants, and as they play and win rounds, the abilities at the player’s disposal increase, and there are more ways to please the god and earn some points.

The real-time active bidding segment seems like it could get intense, and the whole micromanagement of resources in order to out-sacrifice opponents is an interesting twist to the competitive board game paradigm.

The addition of four players and the real-time gameplay keeps things moving at a fair pace without slowing down or getting bogged in rulesets and turns.

The game can be played either locally or online with up to four players, alternatively you can setup the AI to take on the roles of other players so you can test your might against the CPU.

One of the core concepts of the game is to introduce players to the Sumerian culture and certain aspects of the way they maintained their civilization. According to the Kickstarter page, the developers worked closely with historians to include many relevant and interesting facts and information related to the Sumerian culture.

Apparently the Sumerians were responsible for a lot of different advancements in human history, from writing and literature, to beer and cities. I’m almost a little shocked they didn’t create pong.

Anyway, if you think that Sumer is the kind of game you would want to play with a few friends, you can learn more about the project or contribute to the cause by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. The crowd-funding campaign still has 20 days left to go.