Sylvio Remastered Makes Its Way Onto Steam

Sylvio is a supernatural horror game developed by Stroboskop, using the Unity game engine. Sylvio was originally released back in 2015, and slowly gained popularity for being an original supernatural horror game, with a unique story and interesting game mechanics.

For those of you that don’t know what Sylvio was all about, it takes place in the Saginaw theme part after a deadly landslide destroyed majority of the park and killed hundreds of people with it.

Players assume the role of a woman named Juliette Waters, a supernatural specialist that utilizes electronic recording equipment to capture the electronic Voice Phenomena around her. In other words, she records the whispers of ghosts as an EVP specialist.

sylvio 1

Top picture is the original, bottom is remastered.

Juliette makes her way to the park to learn the truth behind the landslide, and ends up discovering some really interesting secrets behind the people and the events surrounding the park. I watched a Let’s Play series on YouTube after finding the game by mistake, and I became completely hooked with the strange story and unique gameplay elements with how you had to record the messages, decipher them using different playback settings, and hunt down ghosts to find new clues to piece the story together.

One of the best parts was that the game was naturally scary without having to force the theme. Sylvio is now preparing for a sequel, but due to issues with funding the development was placed on hold and will pick back up late in 2016. To fill in the gap between now and the release for Sylvio 2 , the developer has decided to remaster the original Sylvio with upgraded graphics using the new Unity 5 game engine. You can take a look at the original Sylvio gameplay trailer and then the remastered gameplay trailer down below.

The new remastered version of Sylvio launched just two weeks ago on May 2, and is now currently available for purchase and download. One of the best parts about this new upgrade is that the developer has decided to give it away for free to all existing customers, and simply released it as an update patch. If you already own Sylvio and you either never got around to playing it, or maybe would like to play through it again a second time, all you need to do is update the game and jump in. The new remastered version also has updated controller support, a new GUI, and improved game mechanics.

If you would like to support Stroboskop and help fund him for Sylvio 2, you can head over to his Patreon page. To learn more about Sylvio Remastered, you can head on over to the Steam store page, as well as the official website for further details.


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