Tales Of Berseria Devs Detail Mystic Artes, Characters And Skills

According to the official Tales Of blog, the devs explain the Mystic Artes, characters and various skills in the latest update regarding Tales of Berseria. This covers a nice portions of the said content in screenshots and text explaining the Artes, and how specific features work.

One of the first things noted in the updated blog post is about Oscar, who is a strong praetor exorcist that tries to stop the main protagonist, Velvet, from escaping the prison island of Titania. Looking over to Teresa who governs the Hellawes in the north town in Midgand Holy Empire, she too is a praetor exorcist. It’s been noted that she tethered Laphicet to use his Malak Artes.

Speaking of the two exorcists and Velvet’s escape, there is another character that goes by the name of Dyle. The blog reveals that Dyle is a lizard man who is a daemon that helps Velvet escape on a pirate boat. This is where the story really kicks off as they escape from Titania — the prison island.

As for story updates, that’s about it. The blog post then turns the attention towards the Mystic Artes, which are now back in Tales of Berseria. These special moves can be executed by using the Blast Gauge, which offers a nice potential boost to deal higher damage to enemies. The blog notes that Mystic Artes “play out with a cool animation” to show off the power of the “Mystic Arte.”

Moreover, we also learn that a player can strengthen a character’s stats with new hidden skills as the game progresses. The blog notes that there are lots of different effects that these skills will affect. The first way to activate them is through equipment skills, and the second method is through skills that belong to designated “titles.” I’m sure these skills will offer a variety of tactics one can use in battle to mix up each member in the party’s role.

But without further ado, you can view the screenshots showing off Velvet, Oscar and the other characters.

Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is set to come out on PS3, and PS4 over in Japan on August 18th, and will hit PS4 and PC over in the west in early 2017.


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