Tales Of Berseria Showcases Playable Characters And Details Early Events

Tales Of and Berseria fans might find this latest coagulation of information to be quite interesting, which was posted on the Tales Of Blog. Depending on your preference, this info might give away too much of Bandai Namco’s latest RPG, which details the prison island of Titania, the Val Eltia ship, the Artorius the world’s savior, and two new characters, or it’s just enough info to make you want to learn more.

Thanks to Gematsu, those dripping drool for more Tales Of Berseria info will have a hard time keeping their oral area spittle free given how much info has been revealed, although this info can be borderline spoiler-worthy for those who’ve been holding out and wanting to be surprised when they first play the game.

For starters, according to both the source and the Tales Of Blog, the Holy Midgard Empire sends prisoners to the island of Titania to be in isolation. Velvet has been sent there in a cell due to the accident that took place three years before her imprisonment.

Some parts of the first half of the story revolves around the Titania prison island, and reveals Velvet’s escape. This is where players will see her seek vengeance against Artorius.

The official Tales Of Blog also dives into the “escape,” which is showcased in the form of Aifread’s pirate vessel sailing nearby. The blog also coupled in that one of the pirates, named Eizen, will be a playable character.

In addition to the above, pertaining to Velvet’s escape, you can see some of it in action thanks to the Tales Of Blog posting screenshots, seen below.

Tales Of Berseria

Lastly, Gematsu found an interesting segment in the Weekly Jump that shows Velvet and her mystic artes, and Teresa Linares and her half brother Oscar Dragonia. The former of the half-siblings is a first-class Exorcist, while Dragonia is a Deamon hunter who practices first-class Exorcisms, too.

Tales of Berseria game 5

Tales of Berseria will be available for both PS3 and PS4 over in Japan on August 18th, while western fans will receive the game for PC and PS4 in early 2017.