The Karters: Crash Team Racing Inspired Racer Seeks Greenlight Approval

Developers Cmoar Studio has recently submitted their fast-paced action racing game, The Karters, to Steam Greenlight looking to get some love so that their game can make it onto the Steam store. Players will face off against one another in this Crash Team Racing-style arcade racer, to see who’s the fastest on the track.

The developers went into this thinking about Crash Team Racing and what it would be like if it was brought back to the modern gaming market. With that goal in mind, they went to work in developing their new game The Karters. In the below quote taken from the Steam Greenlight page, you can see that the developers themselves were huge fans of the furry, blue jean wearing Bandicoot.

As great fans of Crash Team Racing, we used to wonder what this game could look like in modern times. While browsing through various forums about CTR, it became clear to us that the community shares our desire for a more up-to-date karting game, especially the one that would support online multiplayer. In The Karters, we are trying to bridge the gap that CTR has left. We realize that Crash Team Racing is a legend that set the bar high.

the karters2The Karters will go through a growing phase as they develop to launch more content. To start things off, they will enter early access with five playable and fully animated characters and four racetracks that consist of a green lush jungle, a sundown beach, a dusty canyon and the Rave Town. Additionally, there will be weapons to help slow your opponents down or speed up your own vehicle to give you an advantage, as well as a battle arena mode to duke it out with your friends.

Of course, there will also be both local multiplayer as well as global online matches. The developers released a gameplay video showcasing The Karters drifting around tracks and beating each other up in the below trailer video.

Furthermore, the final release version will have ten through twelve playable characters, up to sixteen maps, four different battle arenas, as well as a larger selection of weapons.

If you would like to learn more you can visit the Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote, or visit The Karters official website for additional information and details.


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