The Last Blade 2 Now Available For PS4, PS Vita

SNK’s classic one-on-one fighting game The Last Blade 2 is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. The game is one of the best sword fighting games from the Neo Geo era and now it’s available for those who own a PS4 or PS Vita.

The Last Blade 2 takes place at the end of an era, when swordsmen and the way of the blade was coming to an end. The stories for many of the 18 playable characters center around their place in a society moving beyond the ways of old while ancient evils attempt to open portals to the spirit realm. It’s a game as much about the fantasy elements of spiritualism and heroism as it is the identity of the warriors who lived by the way of the sword.

The game is more of a romantic look at the sword fighting between various styles. Although, there are different types of play-styles available in the game for players who would like to focus on brute force power attacks and those who would prefer to utilize a special counter-attack mode that allows them to quickly counter and launch lighting fast combos in response. You can see what the game looks like in action with the trailer below.

Even though the game was pretty easy to beat way back in the day and the roster was moderate, the animations and character designs were so engaging. I loved how you could see the stories that these characters had just by looking at them.

Just be warned that this game is not quite as fast paced or as brutally technical as Samurai Showdown, SNK’s other popular sword fighting game. There’s a much steeper learning curve to master in The Last Blade 2, but some of the fatalities and the special moves that you can pull are still well worth it to play the game for that alone.

But the best part about The Last Blade 2 is the art and music. The game is an absolute gorgeous masterpiece with a lot of little nuances that help bring the atmosphere to life. New for PlayStation gamers is the cross-play and cross-save features that allow PS4 and PS Vita gamers to not only play with each other but also share saved games between both platforms as well.

You can grab a copy of the game from PSN right now for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita.

[Update:] The game is live on the PlayStation Store for $14.99


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