The Last Leviathan Gets Greenlit on Steam

The Last Leviathan was submitted to Steam Greenlight on April 29th 2016 by indie developers Super Punk Games, and was quickly voted through by the community on May 9th. When I saw the gameplay trailer for this game the first thing that popped into my head was Space Engineers: The super-boat edition.

Just like Space Engineers, The Last Leviathan uses a similar physics-based building block system that allows players to build and customize their own ships to sail the high seas. The building blocks allow players to create the most unique looking ships, and the physics-based waves and environments creates the perfect playing field to test out just how destructive your boats-of-death can really be in battle.

The Last Leviathan will give players a variety of weapons to help take out enemy ships, including a giant glaive-style sword to ram into your enemies to shatter their ships into pieces. The Last Leviathan Will also feature cannons that you will be able to launch at enemy ships — or village buildings on the beach shores — destroying them and turning them into a satisfying smattering of blocks and pieces.

The Last Leviathan will have both single player and multiplayer support, so you will need to keep an eye out for enemy pirates.

Players will be able to customize and build their ships up by recovering more block pieces either from wreaked ships they stumble across, or from enemy ships that they destroy so that they can upgrade and build a more formidable water fortress.

Of course, not every ship you come across will be a pirate, so you will also be allowed to trade with ships as well. But enemy ships aren’t the only thing you will encounter, as the name implies, The Last Leviathan will also feature mystical beasts and creatures, and the below teaser trailer hints at just how vast the gameworld and mythical monsters will be when the game finally releases.

The Last Leviathan will have three game modes: Voyage will allow players to sail the open seas to adventure and explore, while Creative allows you to just build in a sandbox for fun, and the last mode is the Battle Seas, where players can duke it out to see who has the best ship build.

The Last Leviathan will also feature Steam Workshop support for community mods, as well as leaderboards. The Last Leviathan is looking for a fourth quarter 2016 release, so keep your eyes open later in the year when the game officially launches to the public. For more information you can visit the Steam Greenlight page, or check out the official Super Punk Games website for further details.


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