The Last Look: Gameplay Trailer Teases Horror Without Jumpscares

On May 7th, indie developers ChaosCore Studio has released a gameplay trailer for their new first person horror puzzle game, The Last Look. I must say that it genuinely looks quite scary, without relying on cheap jumpscares every thirty seconds.

The one thing I hate most in a horror game or horror film is cheap jumpscares to force a reaction out of the viewer. I found The Last Look on Steam Greenlight, so I went into watching the trailer with really low expectations, thinking to myself “Here we go again, another Unity made first person horror game about escaping a creepy house with cheap scary moments”. Although I was slightly right about the concept revolving around escaping a creepy building, I was wrong about it having jumpscares and a weak concept.

The last look 2

Graphically, the game has the visual appearance to make the atmosphere scary and a bit disturbing. In The Last Look, you play as Alice Johnson, a young woman that works for the Solaris research and technology company. It appears that she was knocked unconscious and locked inside of a bathroom, and that is where the game seems to start off. After finding her way out, she quickly finds that the building is in disarray and there is someone… or possibly some thing lurking the halls of the building, and it definitely doesn’t look friendly.

I love the way the gameplay trailer is put together without giving away any spoilers, it never shows any of the puzzle elements, it never gives us a clear look of the person or possibly creature that is lurking the halls, but it still manages to set the tone nicely to add a lot of suspense and scary moments while also showing us exactly what the gameplay will be like for the final game. It appears that the main objective is to roam freely around the building, solving puzzles to open up new areas, and then attempt to find a way outside without dying.

The only part I didn’t like was the actress delivered a few lines without conviction, and her voice sounded a bit muffled in the beginning as if she recorded the lines using a cheap mic. Take a look at the creepy trailer for The Last Look down below.

The Last Look is still in development and is currently on Steam Greenlight awaiting approval. If the above trailer is any indication, we might get a pretty decent story that could really deliver on the scare factor, especially for the fact that the killer seems to wander around the halls freely and will pursue you if you are spotted, so you will need to stay cautious at all times.

If you are interested in learning more you can also head on over to The Last Look official website for further details. The Last Look is currently scheduled for a Fall 2016 release date.


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