The Turf Allows Players To Manage Their Own Crime Syndicate

If you like business management games, real estate housing and building simulators, or those Tycoon games where you have to keep track of your clients and manage your money, than The Turf might just be something you are interested in if you want to take that experience to the mean streets of organized crime.

MG Games has developed The Turf, taking the classic real time strategy business management system, to create a game about crime and gang wars. You travel around the city to find other members to recruit them to join your gang. After you have enough gang members, the next step is pretty obvious, you expand your territory to take over local shops. In other words, make them part of The Turf you own. If it is controlled by a rival gang, be prepared to put up a fight because they will try to gun you down as soon as you enter rival enemy territory.

To help your crew survive, The Turf allows you to upgrade and increase your stats to help keep them alive, such as buying them protective armor, better guns, new vehicles, or increasing their health points.

Don’t like all the violence? The Turf gives you the option to arrest other gang members to lock them up in jail to keep the peace. The option to use stealth and never rely on violence is part of the concept. The below gameplay trailer could have been presented a bit better, but the concept and gameplay reminds me a lot of the classic 1997 neighborhood building game, Constructor.

Now there were a few comments talking about promoting gang war violence and the suggestion was made to perhaps change that theme to reach a wider audience, but I personally like that this game is using that theme to stand out from other games.

MG Games has submitted The Turf to Steam Greenlight and is currently looking to gain enough votes to pass the game through to launch on Steam, sometime later in the year. If you would also like the gang war theme to stay, perhaps you should lend your voice to let them know.

For those of you that are interested in the concept to learn more about The Turf, you can also visit their official website for further details.


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