TMNT: Mutants In Manhattan Gameplay Walkthrough

Platinum Games and Activision’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan managed to arrive on home consoles and PC, and the co-op title has its fair share of problems. Well, there are walkthrough guides available to help players get through each of the levels.

YouTuber GeneralDrew did a walkthrough of the game from start to finish, covering each of the levels, some of the items, the level up mechanics, and the bosses. You can check out the playlist for the walkthrough below.

You can choose between all four characters at the start to do the story mode. Each turtle also has their own play-style and special abilities, so that’s something to consider.

There are only nine levels in the game. It’s possible to play four-player cooperative online, but there is no local co-op or split-screen play. They mentioned that they couldn’t support split-screen because then they couldn’t hit 60fps, even though on PC it’s hard-locked at 30fps… and you don’t get split-screen!

Turtle loadouts can be edited where acquired Ninjutsu skills and upgrades can be equipped to each of the individual turtles by assigning the Ninjutsu to the face buttons on the controller. You can increase your Ninjutsu with player levels, as well as purchase them as you progress through the game. It’s also possible to gain access to Charms by finding them scattered throughout the levels.

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During the actual game, you can scale buildings with the jump button, roll with the right trigger, use the left trigger and a face button to activate a special, and use the standard face buttons by themselves to perform basic attack combos.

When you head into the lair, you can purchase items and accessories to help take out enemies, but items you gain during the level disappear when you complete the level.

Each of the levels are designed in a sandbox fashion, and there are various side-quests in each of the levels that must be completed first before taking on the main boss. As you complete the side quests it’ll fill up a boss meter and once the meter is full, you can locate and challenge the boss to a fight.

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You can lock onto targets by pressing in the left thumbstick, making it easier to dodge and move out of the way of their attacks, as well as switch between the different turtles if you’re playing solo by holding down the left trigger and pressing any of the corresponding digital pad buttons.

In order to defeat bosses you’ll need to either use teamwork to dodge the boss attacks and chip away their life, or you’ll need to strategically switch between each turtle, dodging the boss’ attacks while utilizing each of the special Ninjutsu attacks from the turtles to take down the life of the boss. Leveling up the Ninjutsu helps with lessening the cooldown of the special attacks, which is useful for fighting many of the bosses.

The game is surprisingly short, even shorter than Transformers Devastation. The levels are slightly bigger but less complex, and seem to have fewer areas where secrets and hidden items are stored.

While Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is an easy to beat game, it’s also designed to be played multiple titles through.

It’s available right now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One for $39.99


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