Tom Clancy’s The Division New Teleporting Glitches Work After Patch 1.2

Yet again, Massive and Ubisoft manage to glitch Tom Clancy’s The Division with two somewhat significant glitches that are pretty handy. Both teleporting glitches can be used together in the Dark Zone, while the first can be used on the Police Academy to farm the stage quicker. Patch 1.2 is out now, and brings along the Clear Sky Incursion for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

I’m sure many glitchers and exploiters of Tom Clancy’s The Division know of the Mobile Cover glitch while running. It is a long-standing glitch that allows one to go to places that they’re not meant to go. The downside is that it takes timing, unlike the new glitch that is guaranteed to work each time it is enabled.

First, wall cover or take cover, have your Mobile Cover ready by highlighting an area. Hold down the button to go to the next cover, press your shield button while you are running, proceed to  let go of the shield button and hold down the former button, and then let go. You can watch TritanArmy perform the glitch, which he shows how to do it in multiple places.

The second glitch can be done by heading to the 54th street into the subway. Players will find another teleporting glitch located in a room that is on the right in a long hallway. The room should have a lot of shelves and a lot of burning debris scattered about. Once a player or group enter near the burning debris they will be teleported out. Many players use this glitch to escape with Rogue status and to confuse others. You can check out the video that starts at 0:39, courtesy of GamesGlitches.

The former glitch can be used with the latter DZ glitch that teleports you out. One could use the wall teleport glitch with the Mobile Cover to get to the messed up glitchy/burning room to leave while in Rogue status. I’m sure more glitches will surface in the near future that will sport their merits.

These glitches can currently be exploited in The Division on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, even after patch 1.2 was released for the game by Ubisoft.


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